Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to connect G1 GPhone Android T-Mobile with Computer via USB

This is really a simple task.
Just connect USB with you gphone and you computer via USB cable.
Then in the phone's notification area (on top the screen). Drag all the notifications out and there is a notification about USB. Click it and a pop up will ask you to "mount" or "unmount". Click mount and you can copy things in and out of G1's SD card between you computer and the phone.



Anonymous said...


My G1 didn't offer me a USB device option when I connected.

The way to get it to work is to connect the USB cable, then to wait til the phone gives an "alert" tone.

Then check the notifications (same as you would if you got a text message) and select Mount.

Then and only then can you access it in explorer on your PC.

Hope this helps!
-- flash wilson bristow, www.gorge.org

occer said...

just got the g phone and wondered how to hook up...
gr8 post - thanks

kpaq said...

Thanks! I have an SD drive in my comp, but the kingston card I have an adapter for stopped working. The usb connection had me stumped for a while!

Junxian Huang said...

To techiebabe: Thanks, but your method is exactly what I tried to say

Junxian Huang said...

To occer:
Doesn't my method work 4 u?

Junxian Huang said...

To kpaq:
ALA it works, it should be fine..

Michal said...

This doesn't work on my Mac. Any clues? I can mount the card but when I connect to the Mac it opens up iPhoto, shows ANdroid, but I can't copy/move things to it from the Mac drive

Junxian Huang said...

Which version of android are you using?
I'm using a DEV version, and just on today, I used it as a flash drive to transfer a file from my linux desktop to my Macbook. Everything is fine.

Rosiemoto said...

this rocked thanks