Friday, January 30, 2009

Java tip: how to split a string with "." (a dot)

String a = "a.jpg";
String str = a.split(".")[0];
This will throw ArrayOutOfBoundException
Why is this?
This is because "." is a reserved character in regular expression, representing any character.
Instead, we should use the following statement:
String str = a.split("\\.")[0];
When the code is compiled, the regular expression is known as "\.", which is what we want it to be


Anonymous said...

hi i am splitting an email address
first i split at @
then the second part i split at "." to get domain but gives error

result = s[j].split("@");
uname[j] = result[0];
res = result[1].split("\\.");
domain[j] = res[res.length-1];

uname is stored properly
problem in third line
gives error 1 at cmd prompt

Junxian Huang said...

String[] result="".split("@");
String uname = result[0];
String[] res = result[1].split("\\.");
String domain = res[res.length-1];
System.out.println(uname + " " + domain);

I run it without any error on my PC using JDK 1.6.
Can you post your error messages here?

gokay aydin said...

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misterdom said...

Thanks for that! The split(".") was driving me nuts ;-)

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OutOfMemoryError in Java said...

here is another good link on split String in Java which compares both split and StringTokenizer.

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Thanks. You're awesome. Important thing like this is not mentioned in Javadoc.

kj pogi said...

Hi, I have a follow up question

String str = a.split("\\.")[0];

what is the use of [0]?


Anonymous said...

even it comes late, there are two steps in one.
String[] aSplitted = a.split("\\.");

split returns an array, so you can handle it as an array.

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David Machado said...

DOT is a reserved simbol on regular expressions. So, it must be escaped as "\."

BUT \ is ALSO a reserved simbol. Must be escaped too: "\\."

AT LAST, \ is a reserved simbol in java strings. The correct solution must be:



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