Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Android SDK adb shell error: device not found

Thanks Timur for pointing this link to me.
Really helpful.

I followed all the steps to install Android SDK on a Ubuntu Linux machine.
I went to the "/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.1_r1/tools" directory and run "adb shell"
it replies,
* daemon not running. starting it now *
* daemon started successfully *
error: device not found

The problem is that we need to run everything with root.
So by any chance, if you met the same problem with me, run


sudo ./adb kill-server
sudo ./adb shell


Then you can use "sudo ./adb push" or "sudo ./adb pull" to copy file between a Android Gphone and a computer


Anonymous said...

Try "sudo ./adb root" first.

Philipp said...
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Anonymous said...

amazin..thanx a tonne !!! thanx to u..i can now download applications..:)

Anonymous said...

thanks, it was helpfull.

and a little note:
you also should set your phone up for debugging: Settings -> Applications -> Development - > check 'USB Debugging'.

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