Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remote desktop from Mac OS X 10.5 laptop to Ubuntu linux 8.10 desktop server via VNC

I have a Macbook and want to connect to my ubuntu desktop machine via remote desktop. It seems really trivial to do this.

Step 1. Open remote desktop preferences in your desktop linux machine
System->Preferences->Remote Desktop
Step 2. Enable sharing, better check all
Step 3. Enable Security, the password is limited to be 8 characters at most ...
Step 4. In you mac, download and install VNC client for it. JollyFastVNC is a good choice.
Step 5. Using your VNC to connect to your remote Linux machine.

I suggest not use encryption in your desktop's remote desktop setting.

Have fun!


Xingyao said...

Hi Junxian, I'm Xingyao (from Tsinghua software) and I remember meeting you at MSRA new intern orientation on July 31 2007. I searched for the same problem you wrote and found your post! What an interesting coincidence :-)

I see in your profile that you are in US now. Are you doing a PhD now? Which school are you at?

Junxian Huang said...

Hi, Xingyao. You really have good memory.
I'm now studying at University of Michigan in a PhD program. How about you? Keep in contact.