Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iPhone 3G Test (3GTest) Free Application Released

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Want to score the 3G network of your iPhone and compare the scores with your friends? 3G Test is definitely your best choice! 3G Test is a professional and useful utility in your 3G networks (but it also works for WiFi and EDGE networks). We support iPhone / iPod (any versions), and other mobile platforms. With 3G Test, you can compare 3G network conditions even with your friends who are not using iPhone, but any other smartphone device! Using this tool, you will have a good knowledge of your smartphone's 3G network properties, such as local / global / gateway IP addresses, upload / download bandwidth (kbps), signal strength, DNS lookup latency (ms), PING latencies (ms), TCP connection establishment latencies (ms), HTTP benchmark downloading latencies (ms), and much more. You can also easily diagnose any network problems. All the results are refreshed each time you run our tool, so we encourage you to run it at different time and different locations, in this way, you can compare the scores of your 3G network at different times of day and at different locations.


The only information that we use is your device's location information, the unique device ID and area code of your phone number. We will only use these information for aggregate analysis. No personal information will be collected or used. All the other information we collect is obtained from network measurement.


Who are we? We are a group of computer science researchers from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Questions? Suggestions? Feedbacks?
E-Mail: 3gtest@umich.edu

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