Friday, October 3, 2008

How to install Darwin Streaming Server in Windows XP

You have to first install activeperl
Refer to my article to get this done.

Then refer to this and this.
Choose earlier version of Darwin Streaming Server at here.
When you download this file, extract it to somewhere.
Browse into the folder, and click install.bat.
Then it will beginning a console and begin installation.
It will ask you to type a user name and a password.
Then it will say "adding userName XXX"
In my case, it will hang there.
I just close the window.
Browse into "C:\Program Files\Darwin Streaming Server" or wherever else that you install you darwin streaming server, and click, a console will appear and hang there, then your server is beginning to listen on the port 1220

Open a browser with URL "http://localhost:1220"
A quicktime logo will appear and ask you for username and password.
Then it works.
Follow the steps and choose port 80 to go through the firewalls.


陈锋 said...

I have never heard about such a server.So I queried it in BAIDU.I feel it is very nice.I'll do my best to use it.:-)

Junxian Huang said...

Hope you will enjoy it.
But I don't think it is useful for you. I use it because I need to hack iphone:)

陈锋 said...

I use it for a try in my freetime.

Junxian Huang said...

That is cool

emelearn said...

i have done with all setup u specified here till setting port 80 for traffic. Can u please help me further about how to proceed with the streaming now. It would be helpful for me...thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I had successfully installed "Darwin Server" on XP.But i can able to play only ".mp4" files not other files.

cristian rolando peña said...

hello I need to know how to index a video streaming server darwin someone please explain to me the quicktime pro

Anonymous said...

To stream MP4 files in Darwin Streaming Server (Windows) you need MP4BOX to hint the file.

"MP4BOX -hint X: \file.mp4"

Anonymous said...

if your stream file doesn't work; you maybe forget to hint video file. To hint video, Use MP4Box.exe available on MP4BOX_GPAC.Framework or My MP4Box GUI v0. or Yamb. I found it on

I can stream video on my Nokia C3-00 . And It works very well.

Actually, I'm stuck to how to create a continuous streaming using a playlist