Saturday, October 4, 2008

A small web service "Beetle Word-Phrase Checker"

Have a look at here

I built this for fun, and it is just new born, so it looks very basic and basic.

What I want to do is to provide an online word phrase checker.
That aims to correct your spellings when you are not sure.

For example, when you type "Internattional" Beetle will return a list of words with the first one "international"

For phrase checking, when you type "fall on love", Beetle will return a list of phrases with the first one "fall in love"

Currently, these functions are not finished yet. But I will work on them when I have time (of course not now, because we have a paper deadline on December)

I also want to add a web spider that crawl the web pages to gradually improve its database.

Give me some suggestions if you have some good ideas.
I think this kind of staff is really interesting and coding it is really fun.

By the way, I used java to analyze data, and web pages are written in php or basic html.
I used eclipse 3.4 Ganymede for Java. This is a really cool staff and I really like coding with eclipse. I use SVN and eclipse plugin subversive to do version control, so that I can easily program both on my laptop and on my desktop :D. For php and html, I use notepad++ to "program", I don't like IDE for html and php, because I really like building small blocks into a huge structure.

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