Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to browse iPod Touch/iPhone with USB and without Wi-Fi

I think without even jailbreaking iphone or iPod Touch, you can use my tricks to browse into the file system of them.
I will only use iPhone as an example.
iPhone is using Darwin file system, which is a distribution based on Free BSD.
Step 1: Download and install Total Commander, choose on of the download links in the list and install it.

Step 2: Download T-Pot from here, choose

Step 3: Open total commander, and browse into directory where you put, and double click it. You will be asked whether to install "Ipod Touch/iPhone USB filesystem browser", click "yes"

Step 4: Connect you iPhone with the computer using USB, and launch itunes

Step 5: Choose from the driver list (the list of [-\-]  [-C-], etc), choose "[-\-]", you will see "[T-PoT]", click it!

Step 6: Then you are browsing the iphone file system!

Typically, in the iPhone file system root, you will find "lib" "bin" "dev" "sbin" "System" "usr" folders, and some of them are similar to linux file system, you can easily download files and upload files from and to iPhone or iPod Touch.

Also, you can refer to this page

Have fun!


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Anonymous said...

to browse my ipod touch thru total commander but now when i open itunes it gives me error that cannot bakup ypur ipod because it was disconnected.pls help...

Jun said...

where do you put in the games?

Anonymous said...

without jailbrak?