Friday, October 3, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 Beta Release, Install it!

Ubuntu 8.10 Betta has been released on Oct. 2, 2008.
I just download it from this is very fast.
I downloaded it in less than 5 minutes in Michigan.

I just wasted a CD, because I used Vista's default burner to burn this image to the CD.
And system cannot boot. Because Microsoft protects its datatype to be recognizable only by Windows. I throw the CD in trash bottle and follow the steps in
First download and installed InfraRecorder, then burn the CD (choose .iso file)
Then you are done.
I haven't tested whether I can installed ubuntu yet.
But I think there is not problem with this approach.

//I've tested it and successfully installed ubuntu 8.10 to my dell desktop.
//But the problem here is that the network interface can not be detected
//ifconfig there is only a loopback interface
//How to make ubuntu 8.10 have Internet access?
//I will fix it later


Jingyue Wu said...

anything new in 8.10?

Junxian Huang said...

I can not get internet access after the first boot. The only thing new that I found

Junxian Huang said...

Nine 8 5 for 8 Zero 1 for nine